Marshall Grover

All the Tall Men
After the Payoff
Arizona Wildcat
Alias Ed Dacey
Aces Wild
A Gun For 3 Minutes
Adios Ben Strong
A Man Called Drago
A Bullet is Faster

Bounty on Wes Durand
Big Lobo
Belavers Scar
Bravados From Texas
Bravados From Bandera
Boomtown Bravados
Born to Drift
Before He Kills Again
Battle Alley
Beeby's Big Night
Bequest of a Texan
Beecher's Quest
Baxter's Last Laugh
Border Storm
Back in Texas
Bullion Route
Both Sides of Battle Creek
Baker Street Breakout
Bandit Bait
Bon Chance Texans
Billy Hull R.I.P.
Bend of the River
Brady's Back in Town
Beauty and the Brigand
Bandido Hunters
Battle of Hogan's Hole
Big Red
Born to Ramble
Busted Flush
Bullet Scar
Bullets Back East
Bleak Creek
Border Crisis
Back Down Fast
Bullet for a Widow
Bellavers Scar
Bunko Trail
Bandished from Bodie
Backtrailing Little Red

Canyon Virgil
Challenge the Guilty
Carson's Bonanza
Cold Trail to Kirkby
Cold Eye Cordell
Colorado Belle
Cedro County Crisis
Conway's Chronicle
Challenge the Legend
Crisis at Cornerstone
Colorado Woman
Crisis in Babylon
California Runaround
Colorado Pursuit
Close in for a Showdown
Claw Creek Crisis
Calaboose Express
Calamity is a Woman
Cormack Came Back
Colt Conflict
Captive Canyon
Calaboose Canyon

Diablo's Shadow
Die Lonesome
Dead Man's Bluff
Danger Rode Drag
Devil's Legend
Dead Man's Diary
Dam Outlaws
Devil's Claw
Dead Ringers Can't Win
Draw Aim and Fire
Defend the Misfits
Day of the Posse
Delaney and the Drifters
Don't Count the Odds
Dollar Trail to Ramirez
Danger Rode Drag
Dead Man's Share
Double Trouble
Day of the Tornado
Dawson Died Twice
Dealer Takes Three
Day of Vengeance
Devil's Dinero
Dakota Death Trap
Double Shuffle
Dynamite Demon
Diary of a Desperado
Debt to a Tin Star
Dynamite for Donavon
Defende Deacon Spring
Death Quest
Day of the Killers
Day of ther Plunderers
Decoys from Texas
Devil's Legend
Dawn Stage South
Death Devil
Dollar Buys my Gun
Dakota Red
Doom Trail
Doc Rance of Rambeau
Denero Fever
Duffy's Dollars
Driters Fury (former title Kid Fury)

Eyes of a Killer
Eight Defiant Men
8:10 From Verdugo
Emerson's Hex
Emerson's Hideout
El Capitan's Enemies
Everything Happens to Holly
Eagle over Sanora
Every Violent Mile
Escort for a Badman
Edge of the Law

Fury at Broken Hill
Fort Ricks
Fight Hard Stay Alive
Feud at Mendoza
Follow the Texans
Follow that Train
Find Kell Wade
Fort Dillon
First Kill
4 Aces and the Knave
Fear Power
Forgotten Enemy
Face the Gun
For the Hell of It
5 For the Shootout
4 Wheeled Target
Fury of a Mob
Friends of Barney Greg
Fortune Fever
Feud Breakers
Fountain's Sidekick
Fogaty's War
Fast Shell
Fast Free and Texan
5 Bullets for Judge Blake

Gun Flash
Gun Sinister
Gun Trapped
Gun Town
Guns of Greed
Gunsmoke in Utopia
Greenback Fever
Going Straight in Frisbee
Go West Joe Best
Gold, Guns and the Girl
Greel County Outcasts
Gollan County Gallows
Guns Across the Rockies
Galetea McGee
Gun Reckoning at Grundy's Grave
Greenback Trail
Get Going Greeley
Ghost of a Chance
Guns of the Valient
Gun Fury at Sun Up
Ghost Town Guns
Gallow's Cheater
Gunsmoke Reunion
Gun for a Marshall
Gunfighter's Dawn
Ghost Canyon Showdown
Git Movin'
Guns for the Ladies
Guns of the Godfathers
Ghost Woman of Castillo
Gun Glory for Texans

Hell in High Country
Hide in Fear
High Stakeout
High Card Killer
Hammer's Horde
Half-Cold Trail
Highjacker's Noon
Hostage Hunters
Hell Raisers
Howdy Ladies
High County Shootout
Heros and Hellers
Hackett's Bluff
He's Valentine, I'm Emerson
Here Lies Andy McGraw
Harrigan's Star
Harbine's Last Coup
Hang Town
Heat of Noon
Hit the Leather
Holster Heritage
Hold Your Fire
Hangrope Fever
Hour of Jeopardy
Hangrope for Beaumont
Human Target
Hackett's Gold
Hold 'Em Back

In Pursuit of Quincy Budd
In Memory of Marty Malone
In Cahoots
It Had to Be Ortago
Is Glennon Guilty?

Johnny Ringo
Johnny Law
Journey on the Prod
Jokers Wild

Keep Alison Alive
Kiss the Loot Goodbye
Kid Wichita
Killer Noon
Kincade's Last Ride
Kid Lightfingers
Kansas Hex
Kid Solitary
Kid Lawless
Kid Fury (retitled Drifter's Fury)
Kid Faro
Kid Daybreak

Little Town, Big Trouble
Lone Star Valient
Lone Star Survivors
Lone Star Vengeance
Lone Star Firebrands
Lone Star Fury
Lone Star Reckoning
Lone Star Bodyguard
Lone Star Lucky
Lone Star Reckless
Lone Star Hellions
Lady Luck and F.J. Beck
Lucky Jake
Left Hand Luke
Load Every Rifle
Legend of Coyote Ford
Latimer's Loot
League of the Lawless
Limbo Pass
Long Trail North
Legacy of Hate
Left for Dead
Lone Star Rowdy
Lone Star Godfathers
Lone Hand Emerson
Last Stage to Delarno

Mark of the Star
Montana Mail
Main Street Galigo
Meet Me In Moredo
McEnvoy's Mountain
Madigan's Day
Many a Wild Mile
Mexican Jackpot
Mark of the Star
McAllister's Victims
Miss Lou and the Tall Men
Montana Runaway
Man on Pulpit Rock
Moonlight and Gunsmoke
Miracle at Dry Creek
McCraken's Marauders
My Kind of Law
Meet the McEgans
Midnight Marauders

No Matter How Far
Never Prod a Texan
Nebraska Trackdown
Noon Trail to Breslow
North of Texas
Nobody Wants Riley
Navada Heat
No Escape Trail
Night of the Guns
No Gun is Neutral
No Tomorrow for Tobin
Nomads from Texas
Never Say Quit
Never Cheat a Texan
No Back Trail

One Hell of a Showdown
One Ticket to Sun Rock
Outcasts of Sabado Creek
One Man Jury
One Man Posse
One Upon a Gallows
One Mean Town
One More Showdown
Our Kind of Law
On The Run
Outcast Trail

Posse Plus Two
Pursuit Party
Prey on Rogue Riders
Pearson County Raiders
Prisoners of Caja Canyon
Peacable Man
Posse Boss
Peligro's Last Hour
Pledge of a Doomed Man
Prelude to a Showdown
Proud Day at Packer's Creek
Phantom of Fortuna
Plummer's Last Posse

Queen of Spades

Rough Night for the Guilty
Rough Ready and Texan
Rough Justice
Ride Boldly in Dakota
Ride Out Shooting
Ride Out Texans
Ride Wild to Glory
Run Away Ramsey
Right Royal Hassle
Rob a Bank in Kansas
Run from the Buzzards
Red Bandana
Raid a Painted Wagon
Rescue a Tall Texan
Rogue Calibre
Rawhide River Ambush
Ride Slow, Ride Wary
Reunion at San Jose
Rescue Party
Remember Buck Rorke
Ride out of Pradise
Run Strong, Run Free
Reunion in Slade City
Ramrod Rebel
Ride or Die
Rescue Trail
Rogue Trail
Royal Target
Rough Route at Rodd County
Run With the Lost
Rampage at Rico Bend
Ruckas at Gilla Wells
Revenge is the Spur
Requiem for Sam Wade
Ransom for a Redhead

San Saba Blockade
7 For Banner Pass
Six Gun Wedding
Spanish Gold Texas Guns
Shotgun Sharkey
Stranger Riding By
Seige at Jerico
Seven Killers East
Suddenly a Hero
17 Guns
Saddletramp Justice
South of Sabine
Saludas Texans
Start Shooting Texans
Stakeout at Council Creek
Save a Bullet for Keehoe
Spencer Started Something
Sundance Creek
Satan's Back Trail
Slow Wolf and Dan Fox
Shadow of a Colt #45
Six Rogues Riding
Satan Pulled the Trigger
Saturday Wild
Seven Westbound
Splitting Up
Stay Away Slade
Six Guilty Men
Sondra Wildcat
Savage Sunday
Stand Alone
Saturday Night at Candle Rock
Spur Route
Satan's Partner
Shoot and Run
Steel of the Hardings
Sound of Gunfire
Savage Sundown
Son of Hellfire

The 4 O'Clock Fracas
The Feuders
The Last Ambush
The Noose Cheaters
The 20 Year Man
The Deadly Dollars
The Dude Died Hard
The Lady is a Target
The Hellion Breed
The Devil's Dozen
The Emerson Challenge
The Late Yuma Smith
The Bullet in Mason's Back
The Big Dinero
The Texans Came Shooting
The Bandit Trap
The Only Bank In Town
The Wayward Kind
The Battle of Blunde Ridge
The Calaboose Gang
The Sundown Seven
Thirty Raiders South
The Predators
The Lawless Miles
The Freebooters
The Fast Right Hand
The Wild Cat Run
The Doomsday Gun
The Trial of Slow Wolf
The Second Chance Man
The Lagan Legacy
The Law Always Wins
The Only Way is Up
The Wrong Victim
The Gold Movers
The Dinero Man
The Saga of Sam Burdew
The Last Challenge
The Glory Wagon
The Desperate Hours
The Last Big Deal
The Selina Crisis
The Cannon Mound Gang
The Defiant Texans
The Woman Hunt
The Treasure Express
The Alibi Trail
The Last Witness
The Badge of Tolly McGlynn
The Jonah Rock
The Best and the Worse
The Tin Horn Murder Case
The Star Shadow
The Sound of Seeger's Gun
The Dude Must Die
The Lonely Gun
The Pinktown Flood
The Lawman Wore Black
The Eyes of Texas
The Truth About Snake Ridge
The Domino Man
The Seventh Guilty Man
The Valiant Die Fast
The Brave
The Killers Came At Noon
The Man Who Hunts Jenner
The Night McLennan Died
The Hour Before His Disaster
The Willing Target
Texas Born Chicago Bound
Texan Rampage
Texas Drifters
Texas Gun Ghost
Texans Die Hard
Texans Hit Hard
Texans Never Quit
Texans Walk Proud
Texans Ride Tall
Texan In My Sight
Too Many Texans
Two Graves Awaiting
This Range is Mine
Terror Trail to Tortosa
Tame a Wild Town
They'll Hang Billy For Sure
Tin Stars for All Texans
Tombstone for a Gugitive
Trouble is Our Shadow
27 Rifles
Turn and Fire
Track of the Lawless
Tall Riders
Trouble Trail Yonder
Troubleshooters Die Hard
Turn the Key on Emerson
Tall, Tough and Texan
Tandy's Legacy
Terror For Sale
Two Time Winner
Ten Against Travis
Two Gentlemen From Texas
Trail Dust
Tin Star Shadow
They Won't Forget Sweeney
Two Jacks and the Joker
Tall Shadow
Tall Man's Challenge
They Came to Plunder
The Last Gunfight
Trigger Happy
The Enforcer
The Devil's Claw
The Blue Hawk
Trouble Town
The Decoy Trail
The Undefended
The Long Shadow
The Tin Badge
The Wolf Pack
The Survivors
Tie Knot
Too Late For Law
The Killing Trail
1000 Dollar Target
The Violent Dawn
The Last Gun
Three For Durango
Two Tall Strangers
The Odds Against O'Shay
The Last Ambush
The Killers Wore Black
The After Midnight Gang
The Cobb Creek Bunch
The Doomed of Mesa Rico
The Women From Whitlock
They Came to Jurado
The Killing of Kirkby
The Rescuers Rode West
3 Days in Davisburg
Terror's Long Memory
The Logan Town Looters
The Jubilo Siege
The President's Segundo
Two Weeks in Wyoming
Trigger Fast
Ten Fast Horses
Texans are Trouble
The No Name Gang
The Bridegroom's Bodyguards

Uneasy Money

Vengeance Rides a Black Horse
Vengeance Is a Bullet
Virgil on Sundown Ridge
Vengeance in Spades
Ventura Pass

Wear Black for Johnny
We Call Him Tex
We Ride for Circle 6
We're From Texas
Who Killed Rico
Who's Gunning For Braid
Wagon Number 3
Wild Trail To Denver
Wild Night At Widow's Peak
Where Danger Rides
Where's The Money Buried
Whatever Happened to Johnny Duke
Wrangle Creek
Wrong Side of Glory Mountain
Widow From Nowhere
Winners and Losers
Waiting for Wilkies Wagon
Wyoming Gun Trap
Wyoming Bound
Wrong Name on a Tombstone
Wyoming War Fever
Where The Guns Roar
Wait For The Judge
Wear the Star Proudly
Wes Blade
War Dance at Red Canyon
Wild Widow of Wolf Creek
Wyoming Long Shot
Whisky Gulch
Walking Tall, Striking Fear
Wrangle Creek
Wells Fargo Decoys
Wolf Creek or Bust
Wagon Boss

Young Bucks from Texas

Marshall Grover
(Cleveland Classics)

Always a Lawman
Along Came Jake
A Lawman to the End
Ambush at Forty Mile

Bullet Breed
Battle Valley
Brock Canyon Crisis
Bullets Won't Wait
Best Gun Wins
Boothill for Lawmen
Big Jim

Call Me Trouble
Colt Hostage

Don't Call Me Hero
Doom Town
Day of Doom
Devil's Trail
Draw Down

Five Desperate Men
#45 Calibre Trap
#44 Fury

Gun Gamblers
Gun Against Gun
Get Out Alive
Gunsmoke Challenge

How Tall the Man

I'm Back
Inherit My Gun

Judgement at Bandera

Kid Faro

Lonesome Lightning

Man From Denver
Men of the Canyon

No Safe Trail

Pursuit Trail
Pardon My Gun
Peaceable Man
Polka Dot Kid

Ride the Wild River
Rope Scar

Siege at Jethro
Sixty Miles to Sundance
Satan's Six Gun
Saturday Night at San Remo
Shadow of a Lawman

The Lives of Luke Gault
The Noose
Trouble is a Long Rope
The Tyler Cache
The Defender
Trails End Showdown
Try Me
24 Hours to Anvil Rock
Trouble Along The Trail
The Showdowner
Tall Shadow
The Last Gun

Voice of the Gun
Vengeance is a Tall Man

Wanted in Texas
Widow Maker